Event starts on September 20, 2018 8:00 am
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The Ghana Garden and Flower Show is a flagship activity of the innovative Ghana Garden and Flower Movement that was initiated with the first edition of the Show in August 2013.

The movement seeks to create awareness among Ghanaians about the commercial, aesthetic and psychological benefits of horticulture and floriculture. It seeks to celebrate Ghana’s unique flora and fauna, whilst pointing people to the income generating and job creation opportunities inherent in them.
Ultimately, the aim of the Show is to encourage the harnessing of our flora and fauna for national development and improved livelihoods.

Objectives of the Show

Contribute to the development and implementation of a national Beautification and Gardening Policy.
Contribute to making Ghana even more attractive as a tourist and investment destination.
Contribute to foreign exchange generation through flower and vegetable cultivation and export.
Contribute to employment generation.
Promote investment and entrepreneurship in horticulture and floriculture.
Contribute to healthy lifestyles and beautiful
Promote a culture of environmental awareness and friendliness, thereby facilitating environmental conservation.
Promote opportunities for relaxation and fun in Ghana


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