A1 Raceway

Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines and prepare to experience big league racing, go-kart style at Accra’s #1 Raceway! If driving a fancy car and the thrill of speed get your heart pumping, you won’t want to miss this race, top-level performance (9.0 hp/3,600 rpm) and handling. The karts are powered by Honda GX270k1 engines, which ensure equal acceleration, guaranteeing that all clients have the most competitive karts available.

Our concrete track is guaranteed to please even the most experienced driver. Hairpin turns and Eagle racing karts that reach gut ranching speeds, combine to offer every driver an unforgettable race! Helmets and head net are provided ensuring you are immersed in the racing experience with a high level of safety.

Jump behind the wheel of our gas powered karts and navigate the sharp banked turns of our slick oval track. Compete with up to 11 other drivers on our racer course, 18 leisure go karts that deliver an excellent racing experience while ensuring high safety in a range of specifications to satisfy those aged 16 and above with single seat and double seat go-karts


1. All drivers must wear a helmet and head sock.

2. Long hair must be tied up and tucked in.

3. All drivers will receive a mandatory safety briefing session.

4. When in a kart your seat belt must be fastened at all times.

5. You must keep your hands on the steering wheel and feet inside the kart at all times.

 6.When in the pit area, participants must comply with all safety-briefing instructions and obey all verbal and signaled commands.

7. Never stop on the track unless directed to by an A1 official.

8. A1 will not tolerate any bumping or blocking of karts.

9. A minimum age of 16 is required for adult single karts. If person is not 16 year old or above they can rent (ride) the double seat kart with Parent/guardian.

10. A minimum height of 4.3 feet is required for adult karts.

11. A maximum height of 7 feet to race on adult track.

12. A maximum weight of 204 Kilograms to race on adult track.

13. Appropriate footwear must be worn: No high heels, flip-flops or open toe shoes. No bare-feet.

14. No loose articles or items of clothing. All scarfs and/or long necklaces must be removed.

15. Individuals wearing a cast or sling will not be permitted to drive karts.
Management reserves the right to deny entry or remove any individual who does not comply with the code of conduct and dress code.
055 657 7807
Devtraco Courts 1 Rabat Street, City of Hope, Tema Comm 25, 233
Tema, Greater Accra