Bosphorus Restaurant & Café

We are pleased to introduce to you our very best restaurant , Bosphorus Restaurant & Cafe to you.We have different kinds of Turkish and Continental cuisines and desserts that will surely and we offer a very affordable price. Bosphorus Restaurant & Cafe is not new in the market and we have hosted major and corporate events, parties including international and local business &organizations using our venue for their meetings and other activities. our indoor and out door premise is superb and can host up to 300 people. We also host outside catering services for all types of occasions and events. We are open until midnight (10:00am- 12:00am). The Bosphorus Restaurant & Cafe provides good quality customer satisfaction.

Bosphorus is a restaurant serving traditional Turkish food, with a few nods to other international cuisines. Things start early in the day with the expansive ‘Pasha’ breakfast, then move on to sandwiches, pittas, kebabs and meat dishes. The restaurant itself has a large covered patio area, as well as two floors of indoor seating. It doesn’t serve alcohol, although shisha pipes are available.

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