Lizzy Sports Complex

Lizzy Sports Complex is founded by renowned and former Ghanaian born French footballer, Marcel Desailly. We exist to contribute to the organisation of community, city and countrywide sports competitions, and provide a recreational utilization centre for families, students and corporate organisations.

Our world class facilities include football pitches, swimming pools and ball courts, and will cater for any training session or event you have in mind.

We run various football academy and sports training programmes to unearth raw talent, nurture and develop them into global sports icons.

We organize various sports competitions to foster sports development and encourage youthful participation in sports across the country.


Whether you’re a newbie learning to swim or experienced and looking to improve your skills, we have lessons tailored for you!

Call us on +233 30 252 1851 to book your first swimming lesson with our certified trainers.


Looking to host your own sports competition or any other type of event? You’ll find our facilities are more than perfect for your needs!

If you have any questions about our facilities, services or schedules, or have requests or suggestions to make, feel free to give us a call .

233 30 252 1851