Earlier in the year 2017, event management service providers GhOccasions, launched the first edition of the All-in-One GH Fair. The main objective of this event is to provide support to orphaned children in the country. Many children in Ghana end up orphaned for one reason or another. They live their lives in an incessant search for joy, hope and a sense of belonging. Team GhOccasions acknowledges the inevitable challenges these children will face while growing up. In the efforts to raise funds to make an impact in the lives of these children, the All-in-One GH Fair is an annual fair organized to bring together local merchandise and food vendors, families and stakeholders together to bond with fun activities.

The first edition of this fair was breathtaking as children and parents converged at the Lizzy Sports Complex in their numbers to support the noble cause. Preparations are already underway for yet another fun-packed edition of the All-In-One Fair. The second edition of the fair, which will be held at the Efua Sutherland Park on the 14th of April 2018 is promised to be more exciting and engaging. Children and adults will have interesting activities on the day and plenty of food and drinks to sum up the experience. Proceeds of the All-in-One Fair will be sent out to various orphanages to put a smile on the faces of these guiltless children.

Invitations go out to all interested Ghanaians who share the same sentiments that it is not the sole responsibility of the government, NGOs or private groups to aid and see to the decent upbringing of these orphaned children. Sponsors, merchandise vendors and donors are most welcome to reach out and be a part of this exciting experience.